before the sale starts

Once the auction sale starts, viewing is discontinued, make sure you've looked at everything.bags

To bid you require and bidding number, to obtain a number go to the counter and register.

Registration involves your name, address and telephone number.
Read the conditions of sale, these lay out the terms under which you buy each lot and by bidding you bind yourself to these terms.

how lots are sold

drinkThe auction starts at 11am with Lot 1 and runs through the catalogue in numerical order until we reach the end. At 12 noon the auctioneer will stop selling the numbered lots and sell the lots at the front of the catalogue which are lettered, these will usually be motor vehicles. The auctioneer will then continue selling the numbered lots.

The auction will usually take 2-4 hours depending on the number of lots, speed of bidding etc. The auctioneer will sell between 150 and 200 lots per hour.

bidding for a lot

The auctioneer will read out the lot number, and a brief resume of the description. At this point any amendment to the lot will be announced.
A starting price will then be announced, if you are interested indicate the same to the auctioneer, by waiving your bidding card for instance. If he does not see you shout out.

perfumeThe bidding will then go up in increments the auctioneer feel is appropriate, usually this is about 10% of the bid value. For example if the price is 10 bids will be going up in 1 bids. If the price has reach 50 bids will be going up in 5 increments.

Once you have finished bidding make it obvious, auctioneers can't read minds, if only they could !

If you are successful the auctioneer will ask you to show your

bidding number.

At this point you are expected to leave a deposit at the counter, this is approximately 25% of the bid price.cameras

finished bidding

When you have finished bidding you can pay for your lots or leave a deposit and return at end of the sale or the following day to collect your lots.

Business Hours

Monday to Friday
9.30am - 4.30pm

Viewing Times :
Day before sale 12 noon - 4pm

Auction Sale :
9.30am - 4pm

Collection Times:
Day after sale
9.30am - 12 noon

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