Q. How Long Does the Sale Last ?

A. There is no straight forward answer, each sale has a different number of lots. There are more repeat lots in some sales than others, and of course it depends on how fast people bid.

On average we sell approximate 150-200 lots per hour and generally a sale will last 3 to 5 hours.

Q. How Do I Register?

A. To bid at the auction sale each buyer requires a bidding number. A registration form with the bidding number can be obtained from the counter. Details required on the form are your name, address and telephone number.

Q. Can We Bid Online ?

A. No, we only undertake live auctions, you must be there in person or you can leave a bid with the clerk of the sale after you have viewed the lots.

Q. Why Doesn't Every Lot Start At A 1 ?

A. We could indeed start every lot at a 1, but the sale would take 7 or 8 hours to complete. The auctioneer has a pretty good idea how much a particular lot will fetch and start the bidding at a third or perhaps half this price saving time all round.

Q. Who Can Attend the Sales ?

A. The sales are open to the general public. Bidders must be 18 or over. Those lucky enough to look younger will be asked for ID before registration.

Q. I Can't Stay For The Sale

A. We offer a bidding service for those who cannot attend the sale. As long as you have inspected the lots we will bid on your behalf up to a maximum you specify. Speak to one of the staff or at the counter for a bidding form. Due to certain constraints we are unable to take telephone bids during the sale.

Q. Is The Price I Bid the Price I Pay ?

A. There are extra charges on top of the bidding / hammer price. Firstly all lots unless otherwise noted are subject to VAT at the standard rate. There is also the auctioneers commission called Buyers Premium this is currently 12 % +VAT. Each lot purchased has 35% added to the hammer price.

Q. Is There a Minimum Age to Bid ?

A. The minimum age to bid at the auction is 18. We may ask for ID if your are lucky enough to look younger. Auction Rooms are not child friendly, it is a long day, customers are trying to concentrate on bidding and do not like being disturbed by noisy children and we would be obliged if you reframe from bringing them.

Q. What Order Are the Lots Sold In ?

A. Lots are sold in catalogue order starting with Lot 1 and going through until we reach the last lot. Lots assigned a letter, usually vehicles, are sold at 12 noon.

Q. How Many People Attend the Sales ?

A. This varies from sale to sale and during the sale as people come a go. But on average between 80 and 150.

Q. What Items Will Be In The Next Sale ?

A. We only sell items that are delivered to us the  week before the sale. Generally the sale consists of the same kind of items, but we do not know until we get our lists a couple of days before the catalogue is produced.

Q. Can I Bring Along My Items For Sale ?

A. At present sales are only open to certain companies and organisations. As a private individual you can come along and bid, but we will not sell for you.

Q. Do you HPI check vehicles for sale ?

A. Yes, all vehicles are checked and cleared of any outstanding finance before they are sold.

Q. Where Can I Park ?

A. Although parking is restricted in the High Road, many of the surrounding streets have unrestricted parking. Please do NOT park in our neighbours car parks and park responsibly elsewhere - Thank You.

Q. Can we buy lots before the sale ?

A. No all lots must be purchased via the auction sale.

Q. Why are there no pictures on the website ?

A. We do, on occasion, put photos on the website. We do want to you to satisfy yourself of the lots condition etc before bidding, a photograph will not be helpful in that respect and would not be a fair approximation of the lot.

Q. Are the Hard Drives removed from the computers ?

A. We remove all data storage media prior to the sale this is then destroyed.

Q. There are no prices showing how much lots have made ?

A. Each auction house has a different set of rules regarding this point. We do not disclose the price of any lot, you can attend and take down these prices if you wish. The staff will also be happy to give you and estimate on the average of past sales.

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