what do we sell ?

First thing to mention is that all the items we sell do not belong to us. We sell them on behalf of a number of bodies  each for a different reason. We do not carry stock but auction items as they come in. We do have a number of regular items that appear in each of our sales but we have sold almost everything in the past. If you are after a particular item it will probably come up sooner or later.

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who do we sell for ?

We are agents to a number of companies, organisations and government bodies.

The Official Receiver
Insolvency Practitioners
Local Authorities
Airport Lost Property
Other government bodies

where do the lots COME from ?

Police Forces :

Property whether lost or otherwise is collected and after being held for the statutory grace period is sent to us for sale by auction. Items can be cameras, clothing, bicycles, computers and just about anything.

The Official Receiver and Insolvency Practitioners  :

When a company or person goes 'bust' their assets are collected under a court order and sold to cover the creditors losses. Items collected covers just about anything from Vehicles, to machinery, to a warehouse full of clothing.

 Airport Lost Property :

This is all the property that is left or unclaimed from the airports it can also include shipped items that have not been paid for. Again these items are stored for the statutory period then auctioned. Items comprise mainly those things that are found in a holiday suitcase, but can include furniture for freight delivery.

Bailiffs, Other Government Bodies

Property that has been seized, surplus to requirements, items are extremely wide ranging.

what do we know about the lots ?

We are often asked what we know about lots in the sale and the honest answer is very little. In the case of the police, local authorities or the airport lost property we collect it and prepare it for sale. We see the items only days before it is available for viewing. We do not know any history of who owned it or why we now have it, We are also not aware and cannot prove if items are new and therefore they are all sold as second hand.

With regards to bankruptcies and liquidations we are instructed to collect the assets from site, so we may clear a warehouse or an office. We see the assets after the company has closed so again we are unaware of the items providence.

With regards to motor vehicles, we try where possible to obtain all the paperwork for the vehicle, we also undertake an HPI check prior to sale.

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